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Digital Media Specialists 

Neo Digital Media specialises in creating high-quality video productions that encapsulate a brand’s identity in Northern Ireland. Working with local and international companies, we take projects from conception to delivery.

Running a business is a full-time job, and creating social media content can often become a secondary priority. With experience creating social media content for an array of well-established brands, Neo Digital Media works with you to create content that represents your brand identity and ethos.

We like to keep storytelling at the heart of our work. Whether it is a promotional video or a music video, we believe there is always a story to be told. We work with you to find the story and bring it to life.

What we do

Creating social media content, documentaries, promotional videos and music videos, Neo Digital Media is dedicated to the promotion of your online presence and brand identity through the art of storytelling.


Andrea Herron,

Marketing Director, White Hawk Marketing

Northern Ireland

“I have worked with Aimee for a few years and would definitely recommend her services. Aimee is a skilled content creator, organised, efficient and always goes the extra mile!"
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